Prices as of 1 January 2021

Based on a stay of one person per room

€67.50 per night (incl. full breakfast)

Based on two persons per room

1 night: €90,- (incl. extensive breakfast)

From 2 nights: €85,- per night (incl. full breakfast)


€ 320,- including full breakfast

What can you expect for the all-in price?

The prices include bed linen, bath towels and cleaning costs as well as tourist tax. You can also use the common living room and breakfast room. We have a wide selection of reading material and tourist information.

Please pay your reservation at least 2 weeks in advance by bank transfer.

Cancellation is possible up to 1 week before the reservation date.

Is the arrival date less than 2 weeks in the future?

Then please pay in cash upon arrival.


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